Team Packaging Guide

Adding a package

If you want to make an existing package in Debian to be team-maintained by the Debian Chinese Team, please send an email to Team Alioth Maillist and explain your reason.

If you find an new interesting package and want to make it team-maintained from the beginning, please follow the regular ITP process first. Meanwhile, please also send an email to the maillist about your initiative.

Acceptance Guideline

The team will most likely accept Chinese-related packages into the team. If you are in doubt, please get into contact with us.

Maintaining packages


We use Git to manage team packages. You are recommended to follow DEP-14 to make the Git repository canonical.

Rules and Hints

  • Use CLI tool provided by Alioth to set up new repository.
  • Use annotated tags for Git. This is mandatory as written inside Git hook.
  • Tags cannot be removed from remote, so be careful. If things go wrong, you will have to operate manually on Alioth host.
  • All new commits will trigger an email onto chinese-commits as written inside Git hook.
  • Be responsive to team members, and always send an email into the maillist to explain what you are doing before touching others’ package inside the team.