List of translation and l10n works in Debian

We are listing some of the translation works currently active in Debian. Please consider helping them.

This is not a comprehensive list, please consider adding new/missing projects here.


We use a dedicated maillist: debian-l10n-chinese.

The common-topic debian-chinese-gb is also being used.

Official Debian Website

One can find information about how to write/translate Debian official website ( at:

You are encouraged to find a Debian Developer as your sponsor or seek help from debian-www team if you wish to push your changes onto the website and you are not a Debian Developer.

For Chinese translation, you may find the chinese committer Anthony Wong to sponsor your works. Detailed information can be found in this email.

Debian Wiki

Debian Wiki needs your help to translate it into Chinese.

Anyone can get involved easily. All you need to do is to register an account on Debian Wiki, and then start translation for existing pages or creating new pages according to directions. Please visit Chinese Instructions of Debian Wiki for more information.

DDTP (Debian Description Translation Project)

All packages descriptions are to be translated through DDTP. You may find the package translation by typing apt show [pkgname] in the terminal, through package management system or via website.

This project is heavily in need of human power. Please visit and help us with the translation. You need to register an account to start the translation.

Debian Reference

The call of translation can be found on debian-chinese-gb maillist.

Debian Handbook

Translation of debian-handbook is recommended when compared with debian-reference since the latter one is pretty outdated.

Translation is under coordination of (DD) Emfox Zhou.

Guide for Debian Maintainers (debmake-doc)

The successor of Debian New Maintainer’s Guide.

Sadly there’s no online translation hosting for this document. Please directly commit into Git repo (if you have permission) or send patches to Chinese mailing lists for sponsorship.

Debian Installer and Debian Installation manual

Project Homepage:

Translation for Debian Installer

Translation for Debian Installation manual


Debian Edu Documentation

Badly in need of manpower. If you are interested, don’t hesitate to resume its translation.

L10n and i18n works for external Software

Those external software is not managed by Debian and will work independently. Please consider joining the team and contribute inside the community.

Translation Project (TP)

Translation Project hosts the translation for many free/libre and open source software.


GNOME l10n website:


KDE Localization:

(Please consider adding more information about other software.)